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Mycroft and the Patent Trolls – A New Book from Mycroft AI

Mycroft is now involved in five separate legal actions against Patent Assertion Entities (PAE).  Needless to say, this is annoying and something that should be talked about, but we have been enjoined from speaking in one of the lawsuits so in an abundance of caution we haven’t been speaking about any of them. 

At the same time, I’ve found myself struggling to explain the patent assertion story to people not steeped in legal jargon.

I decided to tell Mycroft’s story in the most accessible and least threatening way I could: I wrote a children’s book. A harrowing tale of knights and heroes fighting for truth and justice. Mycroft and the Patent Trolls addresses a complex topic in an accessible and fanciful way.

The book is also a fundraising mechanism for our patent litigation.  100% of the proceeds of the book will go toward defending our open source community from the PAEs efforts to extort us.

If you want to support open source;  If you believe in fighting against PAEs; If you want to help us in our fight, please buy a copy.  The book is available in hardcopy and ebook format directly from Mycroft and Digital Rights Management-free from, Barnes and Noble, or from your local bookstore.

Please support us in our fight against patent abuse.  Buy a copy now.

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