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Mycroft AI joins Open Invention Network

Mycroft became aware of an amazing group in Vienna last year at KDE Akademy, that group is the Open Invention Network (OIN). OIN is a community of companies and users of Linux and Open Source Software that creates freedom of action through cross-licensing and patent non-aggression.

OIN has a great press release about their work with IBM, the Linux Foundation and Microsoft. Read that here.

The network includes big names like Microsoft, Alibaba, Asus, Tencent, IBM and more than 3,200 others. Needless to say, their vision aligned neatly with ours and Mycroft became a member. OIN has a great team of attorneys and researchers working on things like prior art searches, legal strategy, and coordinating legal resources. The team at OIN has a ton of experience and it shows.

We don’t have to fight this fight alone – we’ve got more than 3,200 companies behind our effort to keep open source software like Mycroft free and clear of bogus patent claims. If you’re a company that uses open source software you should consider joining OIN.  For small companies the membership is free and they can be a great resource for you.