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Mycroft's New Director of Developer Relations | Kathy Reid

By September 19, 2017 No Comments
Director of Developer Relations Mycroft AI

Introducing Kathy!

Mycroft.AI Goes Down Under for our New Developer Relations Role. 

We’re delighted to announce the hiring of an Aussie open source leader, Kathy Reid, to the role of Director of Developer Relations. Kathy has a wealth of technical and leadership experience, as well as a strong open source pedigree. She is the President of Linux Australia, the organization which umbrellas and Pycon AU.

How can Kathy help you?

While Kathy is joining the Mycroft team, her position is truly to serve and advocate for our developer community. She’s here to help build strong developer on-ramps, prioritize community feedback into technical roadmaps, and actively advocate these changes internally.

A Global Community

Kathy will be working remotely from a city called Geelong, near Melbourne in southeast Australia. Outside of work, Kathy enjoys getting walked by her fluffy corgi dog, Tim Tam, and loves to knit as well.

Help welcome Kathy! Fill out our form below, tell her how you’re using Mycroft, or what you’d like to see in the future.

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