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Music for Mycroft – What does the Community want?

By February 22, 2019 No Comments
Vote for Mycroft's music skills

We had to work through an issue with Spotify this week. There seems to have been a change in Spotify’s protocols that wasn’t publicized, which seems to have happened before. We’ve run into issues with Pandora in the past.

For both, we use unofficial open libraries to access the services. We really wish they’d support official open libraries (Spotify used to) that would make it easy for the millions of open developers in the world to access their services. We make sure to remind them of the Communities they’re missing out on when we can.

We’ve reached out many times to try gaining official support from these and others, and won’t stop working for official support. We see people using Spotify and Pandora in skill metrics, so clearly people are using the skills. But we also see suggestions for Google Play Music and Logitech Squeezebox support. There’s the Internet Radio Skill, and a skill for your Emby Server.

But, what does the whole Community really want for music on Mycroft? Obviously, one solution won’t work for everyone, but having a good ranking of what the Community wants will help us focus on the most impactful and desireable platforms.

Now we need your vote!

Vote for how you want to listen to music on Mycroft.

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