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Millennium Milestone | We shipped 1,000 Units

By July 7, 2017 No Comments
Mark 1 testing, production

Shipping out 1,000 units of an artificially intelligent vocal assistant sounds pretty dreamy, especially when a small team handled the process from the very beginning. It feels pretty dreamy too. All this talk of dreams is reminding us of our sleep deprivation–but we would do it all over again for our backers.

Production of Mark 1, Milestone picture

Again, 1,000 units? Dreamy.

Where We’re At, And What Is To Come

The Mycroft team is still working hard to produce and ship units. We dropped off 200 international units at the post office this morning, and we’re continuing to assemble, test, package, and wrap.

We’re also fulfilling orders with add ons, of which some some fit in the Mark 1 box, and some will be sent separate. 

Look for an update in the coming days. Thanks again to those who have supported the Mycroft vision, we couldn’t have done it without you.