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Meet Our New Security Lead, Paul Neslusan

By April 4, 2018 No Comments
Paul Neslusan _ Security Lead (1)

Privacy is central to the Mycroft mission, but what’s privacy without security?

Meet our new Security Lead, Paul Neslusan.


Paul Neslusan joins Mycroft with a background in penetration testing, network management, strategic policy, and risk management.

He started his security journey in the Air Force, graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1998. Paul worked on security compliance and network infrastructure “before security was a thing”, before leaving Active Duty. After several years working on military command and control systems with international partners around the world, he started full-time in the realm of corporate penetration testing and worked on military cyber operations in his spare time. From there, Paul was tasked with leading the Leidos Commercial Cyber Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment and Test team. He later joined the Leidos corporate strategy staff.

Paul lives in rural Massachusetts with his wife, three children, and his Oculus Rift.


Learn more about Paul and what he brings to the Mycroft team.