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Mattermost replaces Slack as our Chat Forum

By August 1, 2017 No Comments
Mycroft Moves from Slack to Mattermost

Mattermost is replacing Slack as the new Mycroft chat forum. We invite you to move from Slack to Mattermost, our new chat network!

Slack was a great starting point and we appreciate where it has gotten us. Limitations of their system motivated us to look for an alternative. Specifically, Slack’s features are restricted without a paid plan. One desired feature is chat history. This allows users to search to see if their question has been answered in the past. While Slack does offer this feature it is only in the paid option. Their plans are based on “active users”. In a public collaborative project such as Mycroft there is a rapidly growing and active user base. With an attractive alternative to Slack available we decided not to move to the paid version. This cost would force us to limit participation, so this wasn’t a good path.

As an open source development community, we strive to support applications and services which share our values. When we looked for alternatives, Mattermost regularly came up. We liked their open source ethos. While exploring the idea of moving to a new system we were introduced to the Mattermost CEO who warmly invited us to use their platform. So how could we refuse?

We are not turning off our Slack communication at the moment, but we are encouraging all members to move to Mattermost. The team has been using the new chat program for several weeks and has grown to love it. We invite you to join us on this new platform and tell us what you want to voice enable.

As always, check out our website to learn more about where to download software or purchase hardware.

We look forward to seeing what you are working on so please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.