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Mark II Update

By April 28, 2022 No Comments
Mycroft Manufacturing Blog


We continue to make good progress on the Mark II preparation for production. We ran into a few more problems with component availability where the manufacturers moved out delivery dates, but were able to identify alternatives that were as good or better that will support our timeline and a quality Mark II.

Below is a high level diagram of the key steps we are taking to get the Mark II shipped:

EVT = Engineering Validation Testing
DVT = Design Validation Testing
PVT = Production Validation Testing

Key updates:

  • The Housing design is going through final revisions based on feedback from the molding vendor. This includes items like final screw boss dimensions, final rib design, and edge treatments for strength and manufacturability. When this is complete we will validate via a 3D printed prototype that all parts fit together properly. 
  • The SJ201 rev 8 has passed functional testing! The next step is to test the physical fit with the printed housing. One more revision (revision 9) will be necessary due to the unavailability of the ATtiny microcontroller. We were able to retain all the functionality (LED and fan control) by transferring it to the Raspberry Pi, without loss of performance. Because these changes are relatively trivial, revision 9 will be made after DVT and EVT results, in the event that testing uncovers other necessary changes. 
  • We have resolved the speaker supply issue. We have selected and ordered a high quality Dayton Audio Speaker through our partner, Parts Express.
  • All other parts are either in our inventory, or on order and due in on time for the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. We will be ordering the few remaining parts for production by end of May.   
  • Before we give the “go ahead” for final design of the injection molded housing, we will validate that all parts fit, and that it passes the basic EVT tests. These include a heat test and a drop test.  We will also be conducting a preliminary FCC RF (Federal Communications Commission Radio Frequency) test.  The goal is to complete all these steps in May.
  • We have a draft plan for all of the tests we will be conducting in EVT. The key goal of EVT is to validate all functional and physical aspects of design. An end outcome is we have “golden samples” that will be used as the benchmark for production.

The Mark II September and October production runs are sold-out! We are currently taking pre-orders for the November production run. Order yours now to guarantee you get it this year! 

Mimic 3

The official release of Mimic 3, our newest privacy-focused open-source neural Text to Speech (TTS) engine, is just around the corner. We just trained a model for our 20th supported language – Setswana – spoken primarily in Botswana and South Africa.

To be the first to know about the launch, sign up for Mimic 3 product updates: