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Managing Skills, Delivery Update, and Skill Challenge

By August 10, 2016 No Comments
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It’s been a while since our last update, we’ve been busy here at Mycroft HQ. We had some wonderful interns who spent the summer with us working on the project: Matthew Scholefield, Ethan and Isaac Ward, and Christopher Rios. The interns accomplished great things and really pushed the project and community forward, but most of all we enjoyed having them around and seeing their smiling faces! Beyond that we’ve laid out a plan for installing and managing Mycroft’s skills, and we have some updates about the delivery of the Mycroft hardware for our backers. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Managing Mycroft Skills

Our amazing community has been developing some fantastic skills for Mycroft, they range from a Kodi media player controller to general media skills for streaming music from services like Spotify. There are many more eccentric skills, most of which can be exposed by searching “mycroft skill” on GitHub. But the problem thus far has been installing and managing these skills on an existing Mycroft instance. We developed Cerberus, the account management tool with this in mind, but have yet to finish the skill management piece (though we expect it to be finished soon). In the interim, we are going to put together community resources to make it possible for contributors to collaborate and test skills by creating a centralized place to those efforts to be shared. For the time being if you are working on a Mycroft skill, you can post information on it here.

We have put together an outline and are working on a timeline for our skill management plans, we will look to share those in another blog post soon.

Hardware Delivery Update

As many of our backers know we have been working through the final stages of producing the Mycroft hardware that we started working on last year when we launched our crowdfunding effort. We’re putting the final pieces in place and hope to begin delivery sometime in September. As a first time hardware company we have learned a lot about mass producing a device from scratch and found that there are many parts of the manufacturing process that have ended up taking longer to put in place than we would have initially imagined. We are so grateful to those who have supported us: our community of developers, friends, families, and backers. We are thankful for all your understanding and support as we’ve worked to create such an awesome product, and hope to have your continued support as we work to get it delivered as soon as possible.

Mycroft Skill Challenge

Finally I, Ryan, was a guest on episode 217 of the Coder Radio podcast. The show’s coding challenge this week focuses on the creation of Mycroft skills, and the person who submits the best skill will be recognized by the show on air (as is typical of their challenges). I encourage our community to participate in this challenge, as well as future challenges. It’s a great way to improve at development, and you can always open source your work and share it with the world!

That’s all the news we have for now, but there is more on the way! We look forward to sharing some more great stuff in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!