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Linux Desktop and Phone Integration

By October 27, 2015 No Comments
Ubuntu Phone Emulator being used for Mycroft Development.

During our Kickstarter campaign we pledged that if we reached out stretch goal of $125,000 we would be implementing Linux Desktop and Phone integration into the Mycroft project. We have begun that process in full force focusing on (Ubuntu) Unity 7, 8, and KDE. We have not yet had conversations with GNOME or any other desktop projects, but are open to those possibilities. As an aside, anyone who is part of a project that would like Mycroft integration – please reach out to me at

We have already encountered some technical roadblocks, as covered in the press. But this has not deterred us, we are still very confident we will have a great integration with the projects we have agreed to work with so far, and our early testing has been quite positive. So far we have been able to:

  • Launch applications – “Hey Mycroft, launch Firefox.”
  • Open up websites – “Hey Mycroft, open up”
  • Search Wikipedia – “Hey Mycroft, search Wikipedia for Sherlock.”
  • Early SMS integration (Ubuntu Phone) – “Hey Mycroft, tell Ryan ‘I’ll see you there.'”
  • Early Call integration (Ubuntu Phone) – “Hey Mycroft, call Ryan.”

What is really exciting is that these are really just early implementations and we have already thought of a great deal more skills that we can add that will make using Mycroft on our targeted platforms an amazing experience. Jonathan and Sean have been leading this effort and early demos look promising. Hopefully we will have something awesome to share with the community by the time the Ubuntu Online Summit rolls around early November. I (Ryan) am hoping to be able to show off some of the fruit of our labor then.

As always, I want to remind those of you reading that you may Preorder a Mycroft unit. Every preorder gives us valuable resources that we can use to pay for more development on the project as well as maintain our backend infrastructure necessary for hosting our web, community, and development resources.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, we hope to share even more great stuff soon!