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Kickstarter Update: Fulfillment, Surveys, and Shipping

By April 12, 2018 No Comments
Mycroft Kickstarter Shipping

And so it has started…..


On March 28th Mycroft’s Kickstarter Survey went out via Crowdox, our fulfillment platform. After going through a few rounds of demonstrations from providers and seeing the benefits of each, chose to partner with Crowdox for our post-campaign backer management. We know it will provide a great customer experience for you and ultimately allows us to concentrate on the tech, not the logistics.


Nonetheless, anyone that made a pledge (all reward tiers!) should have received an email. They were sent to the email that Kickstarter had on file for you. The Crowdox email came from in case you need to search your inbox.  


As of today, about 80% of the surveys have been completed. If you haven’t completed yet, please do so as soon as you have the chance. If you haven’t received an email, just let us know by emailing us at and we’ll get it fixed for you. We also wanted to say thanks for all the add-ons you purchased via the survey! It looks like Annual Memberships and Camera add-ons were extremely popular.   

We’re already shipping some rewards!

As of last week, we started shipping out the Challenge Coin and sticker rewards. Mark I’s will start shipping out this week, and we will continue to ship out on a weekly basis.   

Picroft and the Raspberry Pi 3 B+


This brings us to another related topic, something that’s being discussed on chat and forum quite a bit; the use of Raspberry Pi 3 B+.  At least one person has made the B+ to work in the community for Picroft, but for Mark I, we need to use just the B. Our Mark 1, and Picroft images, are built around Raspbian Jessie Lite, which doesn’t run on the Pi 3 B+, due to changes in the power design on the Pi 3 B+. Our latest shipments of Pi’s came in with the B+, and we had to ship them back and exchange for the B.


We hope to be able to support the Pi 3 B+ in the future but can’t provide a specific date as yet.

While you wait, here are some cool things to check out:

Precise Machine Learning Tagging: Where YOU can help train a neural network. This is the data tagging tool that helps train our wake word engine, Precise. Read this blog for more info and how to get started!


New JIRA Agent Skill: Many of our users work in settings that use the Atlassian suite. Community Developer @jrwarwick has recently authored this JIRA Agent Skill which you may find helpful.