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Join Us at PyCon 2017!

By April 26, 2017 No Comments
pycon portland 2017

Thanks to Intel, we will be engaging with the Python community next month at PyCon 2017 in Portland. We look forward to meeting current community members and enticing other Python enthusiasts to join us!

PyCon 2017

What is PyCon? It is the official and biggest gathering of the Python community in the world. It is put on every year by the Python Software Foundation, the nonprofit dedicated to advancing Python along with the associated projects and communities. This year PyCon is being held from May 17 to 25 in Portland, Oregon. The first few days consist of Tutorials where you get intense experience in new technologies and techniques. The weekend is the Conference portion where you can attend scheduled talks, visit rooms and open spaces as part of the Unconference, listen to Lightning Talks and check out the Expo Hall. Finally, the last four days are Development Sprints where attendees join their favorite open source project to do something awesome together!

On top of that, there are language and educations summits, plus a job fair. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff!

Mycroft and Intel

Intel is graciously hosting Mycroft at their booth as part of their Innovator / Black Belt program. We will be giving talks during the Tutorials, as well as running demos and talking with attendees at their space – booth 231. Please stop by and see us and all the other cool stuff!

Developer Sprints

One of the greatest parts of PyCon is the Developer Sprint portion. For four days open source projects are given space to host attendees and do, basically, whatever they want. Veteran and novice developers meet face-to-face with the people behind open source projects. They can freely collaborate in any way they imagine during these days.

Mycroft will be taking advantage of this valuable opportunity in several ways. For those who are just learning about Mycroft, we will be helping them get comfortable with the architecture and environment. We’ll help them create their first skills and introduce them to our community.

For Mycroft veterans and Python ninjas, we’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to shape (and maybe implement!) the next stage in the architecture of Mycroft. I look forward to being challenged and amazed by those who join us.

Come Talk with Us!

More than anything else, I’m looking forward to talking with everyone! I’ve met some of the most creative, thoughtful and talented people in the world through this project. I’m happy to discuss technical details, ethics and philosophies, development roadmap, what it means to leave behind a legacy and impact the world for the better, or even whether it is “Trekkie” or “Trekker”.

If you are reading this and in Portland next month, please stop by booth 231!