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IoT Holiday Gift Guide 2017

By November 29, 2017 No Comments

Connected devices are all the rage this holiday season, and rightly so. IoT devices stand to make our life far simpler, and will ultimately provide feedback and data that drives innovation for decades to come. As it sits currently, the market for IoT devices is largely in the home sector, and slowly trickling outward.


We’ve rounded up 5 cool devices that would make a great gift for the IoT enthusiast in your life.


A Device to Measure Your Air Quality


AWAIR quantifies the 5 key factors that determine your air quality; temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals, and dust. It displays the scores on the device (made without toxins or harmful chemicals) and can also route the data through your phone. AWAIR can be linked to your thermostat or voice assistant for added convenience.


A Smart Dog Collar


Yes, you read that right. This collar can track your pets location and activity level. It’s connected to a cellular network (for a reasonable monthly fee) and can pinpoint a pet up to 3,000 miles away. Particularly handy if you happen to have a runaway type.

To note, they’re offering $30 off right now post-thanksgiving. The price point is super reasonable.

Phillips Hue Light Bulbs

Wireless Lighting

Control your lights from any location, or by voice (install the Mycroft skill here!) Hue lights come in natural lights and colored bulbs. Better yet, you can do things like sync your lights with music and movies, program them to wake you up naturally and set them up to influence your mood and productivity (light energy has a huge impact on how we operate!)


Connected batteries, smoke alarms, and leak detectors

Say goodbye to the fire alarm that beeps at 3 am. Let the Roost battery or smart smoke alarm warn you when it’s running low. Get the notifications on your phone, if you’re home or away.

Behmor Brewer

The connected coffee pot

This IoT coffee pot is controllable from your smartphone. It can make up to 8 cups and has a wide variety of settings and temperature control. Hook it up to your voice assistant to ask for a cup of joe in the morning.

You can get the device at select locations or on Amazon.



A gadget, an IoT device, and software to voice-enable anything; it’s an all in one platform. We have limited Mark I’s left in stock! It’s the perfect gift for your developer, hacker, and open source enthusiast friend. Read more about the specs, and see how people are using Mark I to build out their connected home.

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