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Hardware Update

By March 3, 2017 No Comments

Plastics production is complete. We will be receiving the Mark 1 bodies in the next few weeks. Our production plant sent over these beautiful photos and we thought we would share.


1500 sets of the Mycroft housings are packed on pallets and on their way to Kansas for final assembly. Getting anything manufactured is tricky because that design has never been brought to reality before and there are always challenges. Our first step in the process was making sure our design was able to be made with the injection molding process. Considering manufacturing early is called DFM (design for manufacture). Decisions were made specifically to create a more easily molded part. For example the location of the parting line in the middle of Mycroft was necessary so that no undercuts would be present, the direction of the holes and the use of a front plate and back plate were all thought through with injection molding in mind.
We decided to manufacture Mycroft in the United States for many reasons. We wanted to support local businesses and we ended up finding Zero Tolerance owned by Steve Michon. Steve was great to work with, it was easy to problem solve through the inevitable issues that arise during manufacturing. This kind of communication is more difficult when working overseas. We can't wait to get everything assembled with the electronics, and sent to the backers!
Kris Adair
Social Media Manager
Kris is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Mycroft. She helped develop and executed on the social media strategy for the Kickstarter and continues managing social media in her role as Social Media Manager at Mycroft today.