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Giant Fighting Robots | Why Supporting This Project is Bringing A Brand New Sport To Life

By November 16, 2017 No Comments

Here’s the coolest thing we’ve read in awhile.

Megabots, a company responsible for initiating, and then winning the first ever giant robots duel is back at it again.

They’re working to bring a brand new sport to life; giant robot fighting. 


They’re heading to Kickstarter NOW to raise funds for a giant robot tournament set to take place in Q4 of 2018. 

Mycroft is backing them. Will you?


Why they’re crowdfunding?

The campaign seeks to raise funds needed to book an arena, bring teams from all over the world together for the first ever live giant fighting robot tournament, and continue pursuing the R&D needed to increase the performance of giant fighting robots. MegaBots will be producing this live, unscripted, streamed event in Q4 2018, and are pre- selling tickets now to raise the funds needed for logistics and production efforts.

The MegaBots team standing in front of their Iron Glory (left) and Eagle Prime (right) robots at Fortress One in Hayward, CA.

More backstory before you back the project?

MegaBots has a track record of making good on incredibly ambitious promises. After publicly challenging Japan to a Giant Robot Duel, the team at MegaBots made good on their word to the world and their Kickstarter backers by building a 12-ton robot called Eagle Prime, shipping it and the Iron Glory 5,000 miles to Japan, and producing the Giant Robot Duel. The Duel was streamed on livestreaming platform,, and was the 2nd largest non-gaming event in the history of Twitch.

The long-term vision of MegaBots, Inc. is to create the most compelling live action sports league in human history. MegaBots is accomplishing this vision by launching a global sports entertainment franchise of giant battling robots in stadiums and arenas. The company is blending the technology of F1 with the fights of UFC, to create a new sport with millions of fans filling stadiums around the world cheering on their favorite pilots and robots in epic robot battles.

Did you say Open Source?

If the campaign is successful, MegaBots will release the design of one of its robots open-source to give the sport a major boost.

Eagle prime, mega bots Kickstarter

Megabot’s Eagle Prime

Mycroft backs Megabots

Looking out of Eagle Prime’s Cockpit over the Driver’s shoulder.

Photo Credit: Greg Munson

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