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From Kickstarter to Indiegogo!

By February 28, 2018 No Comments

Didn’t get your hands on a Mark II? It’s not too late!


We’ve moved the Mark II campaign to Indiegogo. You can find various packages on Indiegogo, with all the same great rewards that were unlocked on the Kickstarter.

Things like… the colors of “Near Black” and “Ice” as well as the Mark II with a camera reward. Don’t forget, your Mark II will come with upgraded media skills like Sonos and Spotify.

Wait, how did our Kickstarter end up?

We closed out Kickstarter at $394,572 with 2,245 (awesome) backers.

We’ll be sending out surveys within the coming weeks that allow you to customize your reward even further, and add on items you wish.

This means if you ordered a 3 pack you can get a Mark II in each color, some with cameras, some without. If you’re a back watch your email!

As we continue our crowdfunding journey we still catch ourselves in awe of this awesome community. We can’t thank you enough.


Speaking of the community, check out this skill by member Christopher Rogers. A perfect example of how you can use Mark II with a camera in the future.

If you’re wondering about privacy with the Mark II camera, we’ve added a mechanical shutter which puts you in total control.

In the meantime, have you joined our chat or forum? It’s where everyone working on Mycroft interacts and showcases what they’re building.