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Founders Resignation

Dear Mycroft Community,

It is with the utmost respect and regard that I announce Joshua Montgomery and Kris Adair’s resignation from Mycroft AI. 

It was Josh’s energy and openness, as much as the compelling mission behind Mycroft, that convinced me to join as CEO two years ago. Mycroft is forever inspired by Josh and Kris’ tenacity, energy, and sheer will to bring their vision of an open, user-respecting voice platform to the world.

Multiple talented individuals, who moved on to start businesses and succeed in their personal pursuits, got their start at Mycroft and were trained by Josh and Kris. It is now time for them to explore new goals and all of us at Mycroft wish them continued success.

As of May 1st, they are helping to transition Mycroft to its next phase. Josh will retain his seat on the Board and we will look at recruiting additional Board Members.


Mycroft’s Mark II privacy-focused voice assistant is just around the corner. I am honored to be their successor and I humbly thank Josh and Kris for their leadership, vision and many years of passion invested in bringing us to this point.


With immense gratitude,

Michael Lewis