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Coverage of Mycroft’s Online Public Offering

By July 30, 2018 No Comments

We’re accepting investment on StartEngine

You might know that already. We have always put our community first, and the Online Public Offering lets our community be more than users and contributors. Our campaign lets the community be owners in the business of building an AI that runs anywhere and interacts exactly like a person.

Invest now on StartEngine

But it isn’t just us making noise about letting anyone invest in the open future for voice. Our Online Public Offering has gotten good coverage from the press.

Mycroft Online Public Offering Coverage

Mycroft AI Posts Online Public Offering for Equity Investment

Voicebot is growing into the go-to source for information in the voice industry. They were the first outlet to pick up the Reg CF news and we’re happy to be covered by them frequently.

“Mycroft stresses that its voice assistant and smart speakers are both independent of the big tech platforms and provides user privacy driven by the solution’s software architecture. The company is also different in that its software is open source and the company is focused on building a robust developer community that continually adds to the code base.”

Mycroft hopes to build community of investment backers with new online public offering

Startland has been a hometown stalwart for Mycroft for years. Their write-up focuses heavily on the community aspects of the round.

“The company’s leadership is confident the crowdfunding effort will rally a new crop of highly-supportive backers … Mycroft AI was selected as a 2018 Top Startup to Watch by Startland, in part thanks to its ability to scale rapidly and compete with major industry players like Amazon and Google in an array of industries.”


Mycroft Equity Crowdfunding on StartEngine Screened Against the 3 Criteria of our Analysis Sheet

French crowdfunding author Michel Nizon offered a comparison of Mycroft’s OPO to the Snips ICO. He has put together an analysis sheet for crowdfunding campaigns where he measures Desirability, Feasibility, and the Economic Model. Michel praises Mycroft for common sense approaches to privacy, our ability to produce with limited funding, and our ability to explain our business model simply.

“It offers a solution that is as protective as it is common sense: Mycroft’s platform provides users with privacy by deleting queries in real time. User data is not mined, aggregated, processed or sold … Mycroft AI has already designed and is finalizing a second voice assistant, using almost 10 times less financial resources than Snips. Long live frugal innovation! … The technical solution of Mycroft is more elegant and more KISS

Joshua Montgomery – CEO at Mycroft AI – Open Source Voice Assistant

This podcast interview is more about Mycroft in general, and touches on the tech, differentiations, and mission of Mycroft. A good bit of time is also spent on why privacy, agency, and transparency are essential to create a voice assistant that truly acts on the behalf of the user.

“That’s a huge point to use something that is open source, that is disassociated from all those big companies. It’s precisely that, it’s more freedom of information, more freedom of choice.”

StartEngine Digital Demo Day

Mycroft’s CEO Joshua Montgomery recently presented at StartEngine’s second-ever Digital Demo Day where he gave an overview of Mycroft’s campaign and answered some questions from potential investors.

Watch Joshua’s presentation to better understand why being open in Voice really matters.

Google’s Giving Away $3 Billion

We need to preface this article with a correction: Crowdability overstates our potential revenue by conflating our “Total Mycroft Accounts” numbers as paying Mycroft Supporters or Enterprise Clients. In any Regulation CF offering, the most accurate information will always be found on the portal (in our case, StartEngine) so always make investment decisions based on that information.

That said, Crowdability wrote a great piece on how hot the voice space is – highlighted by Morgan Stanley consultants suggesting google give away $3 billion worth of Google Assistant hardware. Then, they go into the open source and enterprise opportunities Mycroft offers, noting the success of open source powerhouses like WordPress, MongoDB, and RedHat.

“Mycroft is an open-source software platform that enables developers to add a voice assistant to anything. For example, companies could use it to build a competitor to Google Home or Amazon Echo… Or to design “wearable” technologies… Or to power self-driving cars…”

Top Deal: The Secure Open Source Voice Assistant Of The Future

Mycroft was named a Top Deal by Equity Crowdfunding research and analytics publication KingsCrowd.

KingsCrowd independently researched the voice market, Mycroft, and our competition and decided on us as a Top Deal.

“We think ultimately the value proposition of more privacy will help Mycroft AI to win in a market where more consumers are becoming skeptical and concerned about their privacy. With the technology getting close to full product launch and a growing list of enterprise prospects, we think [Mycroft] is an attractive entry point for investors.”

Founder Profile: Creating The Open Source Voice Assistant With Joshua Montgomery of Mycroft AI

As part of the diligence in announcing Mycroft as a Top Deal, KingsCrowd published a Founder’s Profile on CEO Joshua Montgomery.

Joshua was able to talk a bit about Mycroft history, strategy, and community. If you’ve wanted to get more inside the head of Mycroft’s Cheif Executive, this is a great place to start.

“Open source technology has been a powerful force in the world of tech for the past 20 years. Be it WordPress, mongoDB or Redhat all of which are billion dollar plus entities, open source brings significant value that major corporations could never deliver.”

Open Source Voice Assistant, Mycroft AI, Named Top Deal byKingsCrowd

MarketWatch picked up the story of our Top Deal rating by KingsCrowd.

MarketWatch is a primary financial outlet which is published by Dow Jones & Co. It’s great to be featured there!

Open Source Voice Assistant, Mycroft AI, Named Top Deal By KingsCrowd

Benzinga also picked up the news of our Top Deal rating from KingsCrowd.

Benzinga is a financial media outlet that caters to new styles of investors in all markets.