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Congratulations New Techstars Class, You’ve Made a Great Decision

By July 18, 2017 No Comments
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We wanted to take a minute to say CONGRATS to the new Techstars class!

Trust us, you’ve made a great decision.

We’ve scanned the roster of 2017 companies and couldn’t be more impressed. It’s a list full of opportunity, inspiration, and ambition–not that we expected anything less from Techstars.

Moreover, welcome to Kansas City! We’re confident you’ll find Midwestern authenticity and charm in our city and people, along with a thriving entrepreneurial community.

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions, do try the barbecue, and of course, do more faster. 

techstars initiation

Notes from a Techstars Alum:

Mycroft went through the Sprint Accelorator, powered by Techstars in 2016. The program has since transitioned to solely Techstars, and took up rent in an awesome new co-working space.

Nonetheless, this accelerator dramatically changed the course of our company. It was a period of ideation, iteration, and expansion. All aided by the second-to-none mentorship and network that Techstars provides. So a word from the wise; take full advantage of your time there.

Top three things we took from Techstars

  1. A giving, hardworking network
  2. Diversity of thought
  3. Global reach and connections

Don’t hesitate to tap on peoples shoulders, make connections, friendships, and working relationships. Congratulations!