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July 10, 2017

Mycroft Core Release Notes: 7/8/2017

What's in these release notes? We are well into the Mark 1 production run now and have been putting out releases largely focused on that experience. We've also expanded the…
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mycroft voice recognition
July 5, 2017

Open Source & Honest Answers, A Preface to Our Hardware Device

Mark's Advanced Prototype Nature This morning we found a video of Mark 1 interacting with none other than the actual voice of Mark, Alan. The video highlighted something the Mycroft Team knows…
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apache license
June 28, 2017

Having the Right license is just as important as having a License

Our goal here at Mycroft AI is to create an assistant that runs anywhere and interacts exactly like a person. We envision a future where Mycroft is run by both…
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datamation testimonial
TechnicalThought Leadership
June 21, 2017

Is IoT the Future of Linux?

Mycroft was featured recently in a Datamation article posing the question of whether IoT is the Future of Linux. We feel that IoT is certainly the future and Linux is…
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17.08a version
June 5, 2017

Themes and goals for Mycroft Core 17.08a

One of the things I often hear in Silicon Valley when I talk about Mycroft is this: “The technology is so broad, the problem so difficult, the goal so distant,…
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mycroft release timeline
May 29, 2017

Software Version Numbers Explained

Mycroft will be moving to a new release system in August of 2017. Our system will mirror the system used by Ubuntu and will run 2 months ahead of Ubuntu.…
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