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February 1, 2018

Compare Mycroft’s available voices

Not sure what voices Mycroft has available? Use this handy table to compare and choose the voice that's right for you.
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January 11, 2018

Why We’re moving to DeepSpeech on March 31 | Privacy, Speech to Text & Balance

Our community asked, we're answering. Read notes from our CTO, Steve Penrod about our move to DeepSpeech. From Steve; Misunderstandings of how Mycroft performs Speech to Text is one of…
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What's New with Mycroft
Release NotesTechnical
December 19, 2017

Release Notes v0.9.9 & v0.9.10 | Mark I Boot Sequence

Visual Cues during Mark 1 Boot Sequence (#1308) The Main focus of this release was creating visual feedback during the Mark 1 boot sequence. The eyes and faceplate now provide…
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December 13, 2017

Rocking the docs: improving Mycroft’s documentation

Imagine you've just joined a new technology company, and one of the first tasks you're assigned is to improve and centralize the organization's developer-facing documentation. There's just one catch! That…
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What's New with Mycroft
December 12, 2017

Release Notes v0.9.8 | Skill Creators Rejoice

Skill creators rejoice Release v0.9.8 is loaded with skill creation tools. Bettering the lives of Developers and Users alike. You can find the source code, as always, in our Github.…
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What's New with Mycroft
Release NotesTechnical
November 29, 2017

Release notes v0.9.7

v0.9.7 is Here. Thanks to our team member, forslund, for rolling this out.     E-mail Send #1230 The skills API now includes a self.send_email() method, allowing the skill to send an e-mail to the…
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