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Ryan Sipes

adapt by mycroft
January 12, 2016

First Open Source Intent Parser, Adapt, Released by Mycroft A.I.

The Mycroft team has been quite busy the last couple of weeks. We released a new video, open sourced a project at Mycroft's core, made incredible progress on the Mycroft…
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Mycroft with a BB8 Body
December 21, 2015

Weekly Update: Open Source AI, New Advisor, and Updated Panel

Star Wars Episode VII is out this week.  Here at Mycroft we were intrigued by the possibility of integrating Mycroft's natural language processing with BB-8's unique mobility.  The result?  A Mycroft BB-8 hybrid concept drawing.  Looks…
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Mycroft Exploded View
December 14, 2015

Weekly Update: Design Breakdown and Ubuntu Partnership

Hardware and Design Derick Schweppe has been hard at work completing the production models for the physical device.  He took some time this week to put together an exploded view…
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mycroft neopixel
December 7, 2015

Weekly Update: New Advisor, Adapt, and Hardware

It's pretty hard to beat getting featured in Popular Science, but this week we somehow managed to have even bigger news! A new advisor, open sourcing a project, and continued…
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featured in popular science
December 1, 2015

Featured in Popular Science

How time flies! It has been a couple of weeks since our last update. We've been very busy as of late, but we've got a lot of great news to…
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November 9, 2015

Google bets “Open” is Future of Artificial Intelligence

Google is betting that "Open" is the future of artificial intelligence. The Mycroft A.I. team was very excited to see Google publish their machine learning libraries as a new open…
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