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Joshua Montgomery

Mycroft for Desktop and Mobile platforms like Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android will be a key focus in 2019
RoadmapThought Leadership
September 19, 2018

Why Cross-Platform will be a Focus in 2019

Senior leaders in Silicon Valley took the wrong lesson from Steve Jobs. Leadership at Amazon, Google, and Facebook got the idea that the way to win a new industry is…
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Voice shopping is sure to accelerate, and having voice as part of your omnichannel strategy is a must
Thought Leadership
August 21, 2018

Voice in the Omnichannel

This past couple of weeks, the press has been talking about how few Amazon Alexa users have actually purchased products using the voice platform. Voicebot summarized voice shopping use among…
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Iceland and Austria were the first stops on Mycroft's World Tour to spur Voice Assistant Internationalization.
August 16, 2018

Mycroft World Tour: Recapping Iceland and Austria

Reykjavik, Iceland We hosted our first Mycroft World Tour events in Reykjavik on August 8 and 9. During the international language meeting, we were lucky to have met the team…
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