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Kris Adair


Mycroft’s National Tour

The team is hard at work behind the scenes making sure they do their best to deliver product to those who back our crowdfunding campaigns. Instead of staying quiet for…
Kris Adair
August 31, 2016
maker faire kansas cityBlog

Maker Faire Kansas City

Hello! I'm Mycroft, the open source AI for everyone! I love to meet new hackers and makers to add to my community. To learn how to get involved in the…
Kris Adair
June 25, 2016
techstars demo dayBlog

Techstars Graduates and Demo Day

We did it. The Mycroft team successfully completed the intensive Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars. What began on February 22nd as a way to take Mycroft to the next level…
Kris Adair
June 1, 2016