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Kris Adair

arduino headersBlog

Arduino Headers

We have received our Arduino Headers and shipped them off to the production facility. These headers allow us to connect our Arduino Pro Mini Board to our custom Main Board.…
Kris Adair
April 11, 2017
mycroft with hdmi adapterBlog

HDMI Adapters

Finally, we are receiving parts that will make the Mark 1 and allow us to fulfill our Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders. Many of these components will be shipped to our…
Kris Adair
March 14, 2017
mycroft case updateBlog

Hardware Update

Plastics production is complete. We will be receiving the Mark 1 bodies in the next few weeks. Our production plant sent over these beautiful photos and we thought we would…
Kris Adair
March 3, 2017
how to help mycroftBlog

How Can I Help Mycroft?

People reach out to us a lot. We get emails, tweets, messages on Facebook, even Slack messages. Most of them are related to development or sales of some type. But…
Kris Adair
February 24, 2017

Why Mycroft is Important

From our CEO, Joshua Montgomery: In November Albert Wenger at Union Square Ventures wrote a short piece titled “Voice Interfaces: Open Alternative is an Opportunity” In it he highlights his…
Kris Adair
January 8, 2017