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Eric Jurgeson

Voice assistant privacy becomes more of a concern with every news article about them
April 17, 2019

Yes, humans listen to smart speaker recordings. Can it be done right?

On April 11, 2019, stories began making the rounds highlighting that Amazon employs thousands of people worldwide to transcribe users' Alexa queries to help improve the Alexa software. The original…
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Intro blog for Mycroft Developers Ruthvic and Christopher
March 28, 2019

Mycroft’s Two Newest Team Members – Ruthvic and Chris

Continuing our “Day in the Life” team member interview series, we’re introducing our two newest team members – Ruthvic Punyamurtula and Christopher Rogers. Ruthvic is our newest Machine Learning Engineer…
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Mycroft Music Survey Results
March 21, 2019

Mycroft Music Survey Results

Back in February, we asked the Community to vote for the music services they’d like to see on Mycroft. After almost 1000 responses, the Mycroft music survey results have been…
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Vote for Mycroft's music skills
February 22, 2019

Music for Mycroft – What does the Community want?

We had to work through an issue with Spotify this week. There seems to have been a change in Spotify's protocols that wasn't publicized, which seems to have happened before.…
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Mycroft's 2018 in Review
February 21, 2019

Mycroft 2018 in Review

2018 was quite a year for Mycroft. Two crowdfunding efforts, a banner AMA, over 60 press articles written, and more. Let's take some time to reflect on Mycroft’s 2018. Top…
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Kris Gesling is the newest member of the Mycroft Support Team
February 4, 2019

A Day in the Life – Mycroft Support Team – Kris ‘Gez’ Gesling

In this edition of our “Day in the Life” series, we’re introducing one of our newest team members, Director of Developer Relations, Kris Gesling - also known as Gez. Gez has…
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