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Andrew Vavrek

Mycroft Moves from Slack to Mattermost
August 1, 2017

Mattermost replaces Slack as our Chat Forum

Mattermost is replacing Slack as the new Mycroft chat forum. We invite you to move from Slack to Mattermost, our new chat network! Slack was a great starting point and we…
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thank you China
About MycroftNews
June 1, 2017

Number 1 in China

Out of 41 top companies coming out of 500 startups, China has ranked Mycroft #1! This is very exciting news, as the impact of our open source AI technology continues…
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mycroft prototype box
May 2, 2017

Mark 1 Boards Update

We have received the first shipment of our custom boards! Work has begun to put all of the parts together to make the Mark 1 units. We expect to begin…
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