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Alyx Horace

Mycroft AI Interns Jumping
July 20, 2017

Mycroft in the Kansas City Community

Aside From Production, What Have We Been Up To? Our community is our lifeline, both in the physical and development worlds. Kansas City has become a welcoming landscape to startups.…
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International Backers Memo
July 11, 2017

International Shipments | Mark 1 Goes Overseas

Hey, International Backers! One more time, thanks for supporting the Mycroft vision, project, and community. If you’re an international backer, congrats! Your Mark 1 and any add-ons are on their…
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Mark 1 testing, production
July 7, 2017

Millennium Milestone | We shipped 1,000 Units

Shipping out 1,000 units of an artificially intelligent vocal assistant sounds pretty dreamy, especially when a small team handled the process from the very beginning. It feels pretty dreamy too.…
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mycroft voice recognition
July 5, 2017

Open Source & Honest Answers, A Preface to Our Hardware Device

Mark's Advanced Prototype Nature This morning we found a video of Mark 1 interacting with none other than the actual voice of Mark, Alan. The video highlighted something the Mycroft Team knows…
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