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Where Art, Science, and Technology Collide | Mycroft in the State Festival Los Angeles

By September 24, 2017 No Comments
Mycroft AI State Festival

Mycroft is honored to be hosting a nearly month long exhibit at the State Festival in Los Angeles.

We’ll be hosting a display at “The Age of the AI Artisans.” The exhibit will allow people to describe something about themselves, one of their favorite memories, a favorite animal, and our AI will show them what it finds in response to their words.

It lets technology feel intimate.

STATE Festival creates a meeting ground for science and the public, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression.

What exactly is the State Festival?

A gallery in Los Angeles hosting exhibitions, workshops, performances, panel discussions, films and open labs. Opening October 3rd, there will be events and exhibits until the 27th of October.

From the State Festival website:

“The central question explored during the program lies on the very intimate interactions between man and machine, focusing on the topic of human augmentation and artificial creativity: How can algorithms enhance us and our creative process in meaningful ways – and what tools do we have already available for that? What aspects of creativity can and do machines cover today already autonomously? What new types of symbiosis in the interaction between man and machine will emerge from the rapidly accelerating pace of machine intelligence?”