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17.08a – The mycroft-core “alpha” release!

By October 11, 2017 No Comments
What's New with Mycroft

We have hit the milestone of our “alpha” version. What does this mean? We will be guaranteeing support for the APIs in this version going forward. Over the next 6 months we may enhance APIs, but all changes will be backwards-compatible until we move on to the 18.02b beta.

Apache 2.0 License (#1128)

This release includes a small but very important change to mycroft-core. It is now under Apache 2.0 licensing instead of GPLv3. This means Mycroft can be used in any application, including some which were previously not possible due to strong regulatory requirements such as medical and automotive use.

As before, all who wish to join in developing this technology are welcome. Contributors who have signed our Contributor Licensing Agreement can be found at Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone!


The Open Dataset (#1127)

In 0.8.22 we added the ability for users to select LEARN on Mark 1 devices to choose to contribute recordings of their device activations to reduce false-positives (inadvertent activations) and false negatives (missed activations). Now all users can choose to Opt-In to be part of the Mycroft Open Dataset and share some of their data to help us improve this technology.

All who Opt-In under their basic settings at can later choose to Opt-Out, stopping not only future data contributions but also removing any previously contributed data from future training sessions. We appreciate the help of all in building an AI for Everyone!


Padatious update to 0.3.2 (#1125)

Padatious — our example-based intent parser — now supports defining named entities, intent expansion, and numeric matching. See for more details.


Script simplifications (#1107)

Rework of the the mechanisms used to interact with Mycroft. The old utilized the ‘screen’ command, but now with the CLI it is easier to view unified log files. Plus there was confusion over when to use and when to use

Now things are wrapped in the simple and easily discoverable scripts:


The allows you to start the background services and to invoke the various tools (e.g. the CLI, unit tests, etc).



  • ISSUE #1105 – Custom activation phrases were not working (#1106)
  • Fix for methods using multiple decorators (#1117)
  • ConfigurationManager saves could wipe out previously saved configs in certain cases (#1119)
  • Fix event cancel/update. Also prune repeating and empty events needed before serialization. (#1114)
  • Corrected typo in msm documentation (#1098)



  • Began Dutch translation. Thanks, @valdr! (#1092)
  • Add notification of start/stop recording to the audio_test utility (#1130)
  • Notifications are now issued at before and after fallback handling. These are “mycroft.skill.handler.start” and “mycroft.skill.handler.complete”, with “fallback_handler” as the data. (#1108)
  • Implemented LOG class in mycroft.util.log, eliminating the need to call getLogger(__name__) at the top of each file.
  • Added ‘–allow-root’ flag to Also added help message. (#1115)
  • Extracted wifi-setup from mycroft-core, as it is not needed in all use cases. It is now an independent project, (#1118)