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Mycroft Development Roadmaps will inform our development efforts and we want your input.
July 20, 2018

Many Roads, One Destination

CTO Steve Penrod has assembled these Mycroft Development Roadmaps into a Master Roadmap that will guide Mycroft development progress going forward.
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Crowdfunding Tips and Lessons
About Mycroft
July 19, 2018

History of Mycroft: How We Got Here

In the fourth installment of Mycroft History read what pushed forward our open source voice assistant between crowdfunding campaigns.
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Mycroft is adopting CVE for vulnerability reporting
July 9, 2018

Responding to our first CVE and developing our CVE process

This blog post is primarily for our readers who have a technical background; if you are non-technical, you can safely ignore it. As our software becomes more mature, and our…
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About Mycroft
July 5, 2018

History of Mycroft: the Making of Mycroft Part 2

In Making of Mycroft Part II, catch our open voice assistant history between Kickstarter campaigns, and the progress Mycroft made in 2017.
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