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Mycroft Community Profile - @TheLastProject
January 22, 2020

Meeting Our Community – @TheLastProject

Sylvia recently took on the task of updating the Mycroft Docker image. This provides a containerized way to run Mycroft on a diverse range of platforms. She also developed Mycroft…
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Mycroft Mark II Update
December 23, 2019

Mark II Update – December

As the world winds down for the holiday season, we are winding up for a big 2020.  We haven’t yet signed the agreement with our new hardware partner but expect…
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December 18, 2019

Deleted data is the most secure

Last week, our team became aware that utterances from Mycroft users were being retained for longer than intended. They have since been deleted and our team has conducted a review…
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It takes a lot to make give a voice assistant a new language to speak and understand
BlogNewsRelease Notes
December 4, 2019

Lingua Franca v0.1 released!

Lingua Franca is our multilingual Natural Language Processing library. It allows Mycroft to both understand and respond with naturally expressed entities such as numbers, dates and times. Today I’m proud…
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Mycroft Mark II Update
November 27, 2019

Mark II – November Update

I wanted to start this update by apologizing for the company not communicating through Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well as we should have.  We send out a newsletter once a…
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About MycroftBlogSkills
November 20, 2019

Setup a Smarter Home with Mycroft AI

The number of smart devices around the world has exploded over the last few years. Everything from a smart bulb to internet connected coffee machines. With Mycroft, we finally have…
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